Kings of the Swamp Boogie Blues

The concept of alchemy is that if a metal is melted and simmered over a fire long enough, and with enough care, one of the things it produces is the Philosopher's Stone. One small chip of the Philosopher's Stone can be added to another metal and the whole thing turns to gold.

For forty years in the social desert, the Blues have been melted and simmered, carefully stirred, chilled and warmed. The fires have been fueled with desire, sacrifice, joy and love. Finally, the Philosopher's Stone of Blues emerged. As one small sliver of the Philosopher's Stone of Blues is added to any music, the whole thing turns to Blues powerful enough to turn a desert into a swamp.

It turns to Blues without boarders, without edges to restrict these Blues and force them to fit into man-made genres, classifications and sub-classifications. It turns to Blues beyond words, because words are inadequate to describe something that existed long before words were created by man. It turns to Blues that cannot be owned, Blues of such abundance and purity that there is plenty to feed all who wish to partake, yet precious enough to savor and remember.

It turns to Blues with guitars so sweet, with tones ample, smooth and round.

It turns to Blues with beats you feel in your soul and your heart more than you hear them with your ears.

It turns to Blues with lyrics that soar in the heavens and search for the depths of deprivation.

It turns to Blues with the foundation of a fortress.

It turns to Blues with harps that cry and wail and laugh.

This is Swamp Boogie Blues.

This is what King muDDfish is all about. All this and nothing more.